January 3, 2014


New year, new me. Which means some changes are bound to happen. I'm not a NY's resolutions type of girl, but this year I want to join the pac and make some changes where I can benefit from. If only one resolution sticks, it will be worth it!

Beauty resolutions 

Clean makeup brushes every week. I try to clean my brushes every week, but sometimes I'm simply too lazy to take the time. This year I plan on cleaning them every Sunday night!

Experiment more with color. I love colorful eye makeup but I'm always a little insecure when I wear it myself. Natural and brown shades are more safe and easy to combine with various outfits. In 2014 I want to try out purples, blues and greens on my eyes and reds, oranges and purples on my lips.

Invest in quality basic items. I need some great basics in my wardrobe. I'm thinking of a white or nude blazer, dark skinny jeans, simple black dress, nude pumps or heeled sandals. Some clothes that can serve as the foundation of any outfit and which can be styled with all types and colors of accessories.

Always use hair protectant. At the moment I don't always put in hair protectant before using heat tools, it depends on if I'm in a rush or not. But since I know how damaging heat can be to the hair I'm going to use a heat protector every time!

Store my extensions better. Which means: to not throw them on my couch after a long night out. If I hang them on a hanger they don't get tangled as quick.

Cut my hair more regularly. In 2013 I've had three to four hair cuts, and I did them myself. I always cut off my dead ends myself, since hair dressers still mistake an inch for two inches... I do notice it's necessary to cut off the dead ends regularly. My hair is easier to style and it feels a lot softer. I definitely want to grow my hair out, but there's no way around it, if I see dead ends they will get cut!

Fitness resolutions
Run 10 km. I go to the gym five to six days a week. I do 80 to 90 minutes cardio each time. But ask me to run 5 km and I'm totally out of breath. The explanation is that I mostly do elliptical and biking in the gym, both  activities where a machine is used. Running is on your own strength, nothing to help you but your legs and shoes so it requires a different way of training. This year I would like to start running more outside so I can participate in the Spartacus Run in May. It's a race where you need to run 10 km and need to overcome different obstacles.

Do more weight training. I want to get more toned for summer, especially in the tummy and butt areas. I need to add more weight training to my gym sessions, instead of twice a week four times a week!

Non Beauty Resolutions

I'm keeping these very short, since they speak for themselves...

Find a job in marketing or events.

Start a YouTube channel. 

Be more patient. 

Travel more. 

Meet new people, get to know them.

What's on your resolutions list for 2014 or are you skipping it this year? 

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