January 13, 2014


Dark sewer water draining the red carpet, a photobombing Jennifer Lawrence, Robin Wright's nipple slip, bare feet on stage,... the Golden Globes 2014 were certainly eventful! There were some shocking moments and hilarious ones. But what I care about most is how everyone dressed for the occassion! I looked through all the pics of the evening and gathered my 10 favorite dresses/looks. 

Jessica Chastain
Maybe a bit too classic for my taste, but wearing a classic can never go wrong either. I am also guilty of pulling out the black dress when my creative side isn't working with me. 

Amber Heard
Johnny Depp's girlfriend was all smiles for the cameras, because who wouldn't be right? She even added some sexy leg to her cheeky smile!

Amy Adams
Red hot dress for a beautiful redhead, perfect match.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale never seems to miss the ball. 

Kerry Washington
She acknowledged her pregnancy for the first time, and showed off her growing belly beautifully in an angelic white dress.

Olivia Wilde
Another pregnant beauty. Olivia isn't ready to ditch her sexy image just because of her bump. She rather accentuates all of her curves in a tight sparkling green dress.

Lupita Nyong'o
Such a beautiful and unique gown. It's almost as if Lupita is wearing her own Superwoman cape, but more fashionable of course. 

Sofia Vergara
Sofia was one of the big winners of the night and decided to wear a big gown to celebrate! 

Mila Kunis
This Gucci dress... No words can desribe how bad I want it hanging in my closet. 

Robin Wright
Apart from the nipple (cover) slip Robin looked gorgeous in a nude dress that showed off her toned figure.

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