February 14, 2014


The 14th of february is either a day you have looked forward to since the Holidays ended or is either a day you dread the whole year.  I personally never celebrated Valentine's Day. I thought it was nothing more than a marketing stunt to boost chocolate and flower sales and I was too stubborn to participate. This year I've started off in a positive mindset so I'm joining the kitch. It is also the third Valentine's Day with my boyfriend and we're actually doing something in honor of Cupid's birthday. Nothing too fancy, we're just going out for a one on one dinner to a sushi restaurant!

For many girls the most fun about Valentine's Day is probably dressing up and looking forward to your dinner or party plans. I've put together three outfits for three different occasions that might not guarantee a romantic night, but certainly a fashionable one! 

The first outfit is for girls who are going on their First Date. I opted for soft pink and golden colors for a girly and romantic look, WARNING, your date might fall in love instantly. 

1. Jones and Jones Vicky Lace Dress With Pleated Skirt - €90.92
2. Zara Fabric Blazer - €59.95
3. Michael Kors Mid-Size Rose Golden Stainless Steel Parker Chronograph Glitz Watch
4. Mango Crystal Thread Bracelet - €19.99
5. ASOS Hit It Off Heeled Sandals - €48.62

The second outfit is for all the women who need to pick out that Freakum Dress once in a while. When you're in a longterm relationship it's important to spice it up sometimes! A sexy dress, some high heels and a layer of red lipstick will do the trick. Before you know it your inner Beyonce will take over the night.

1. ASOS Textured Deep Plunge Tabbard Bodycon - €38.89
2. New Look Brown Leopard Print Metal Tip Flap Clutch 
3. Missguided Vendy Two Finger Love Ring - €9.80
4. Missguided Reiko Leopard Ponyskin Heeled Sandals - €49.04
5. Zara Coat With Ruffled Hem - €139.00

The third outfit is for those who are often forgotten on Valentine's Day, the Singles Ladies. Girls, I feel your pain. I've had my share of Single Valentine's Days and didn't like the 14th of february at all! The best way to cope with all the lovey dovey couples and FB posts? Call your single girlfriends and hit the club! Wear your favorite party dress, dance like there's no tomorrow and you'll have an unforgettable Valentine's Day. Who knows, you might even share your hangover with a cute single guy...

1. ASOS All Over Sequin Bodycon Dress - €76.40
2. Missguided Bertalina High Heeled Embellished Sandals - €42.03
3. Drune Eliza Xrystal Clutch With Chain Strap - €187.52

To everyone a lovely Valentine's Day! 

x x x

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