February 3, 2014


There's no doubt about it, Beyonce is one sexy woman at any weight. Beyonce is one of the lucky ones who was blessed with a great proportioned hourglass body with amazing curves. The singer, along with other curvy celebrities like Kim K and Jlo, have inspired many women to be proud of their curves and embrace them instead of hiding them. 

However, since performing at the Grammys 2014 Beyonce's body has been the subject of many conversation. She seemed to look much slimmer and very toned. This past weekend her recent weight loss was again noticeable when B showed up at the Pre-Super Bowl concert wearing a transparent tight black dress. 

Many fans were stunned when a very thin Beyonce took the stage at the Grammys two weeks ago. People started saying she had taken her weight loss too far. 

Beyonce at Pre-Super Bowl Concert

At her controversial Drunk in love performance at the Grammys 2014

You can really see the weight loss in her legs. You can notice the muscle definition much better and also the gap between her thighs has become bigger. 

Exactly one year ago Beyonce looked like this at the Super Bowl 2013

Her legs looked stronger and thicker.

And here's the Partition singer in Brazil in September 2013.

So how did she loose the weight? In December 2013 Jay-Z and Beyonce held a physical and spiritual cleanse by cutting out meat and animal products out of their diet for three weeks. This might have been the start of her body transformation. Beyonce's trainer Marco Borges said she still eats one vegan meal a day to maintain the weight loss. Which is a nice idea for everyone, diet or not diet, it will make you eat more veggies (and vitamins!) than you would normally eat. He also added that consistency is the key to success and that he loves running sprint intervals for quick cardio sessions and running stairs. 

I personally think she looks amazingly fit right now, probably in best shape since having her baby. But she definitely doesn't need to loose any more weight! I wouldn't believe it's done healthy anymore since Beyonce is naturally built curvy and not a size zero... 

What do you think of Queen B's transformation? 

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  1. I think she looks fit and happy about herself, so let her do her and don't worry. I think she found a perfect balance in both looking slim, fit and sexy in the same time. She still has her beautiful curves, she just tightened up!

    B, you look better than ever! I'm so happy for you, and what you have exsperienced so far.
    May you and your Family live a long and rewarding life together in harmony and good spirit. :-)