April 29, 2014


Khloe "The hottest sister now" Kardashian has been looking better than ever the past year. And since filing for divorce from her husband Lamar she has only been looking more fabulous. Probably something every newly single girl can relate to right? After all, you gotta show your ex what he's missing out on... 

Along with a killer body and daring wardrobe choices, Khloe is seen rocking various impeccable but simple hairstyles. By putting in the effort from head to toe Khloe has even stolen the title of hotter sister from Kim. 
I personally hate to compare siblings, as I don't like to be compared with my own sister, so I'll just stick to a diplomatic: "They're all gorgeous in different ways" ;). 

I gathered five hairstyles Khloe has been spotted in the last couple of weeks. Each style can add the finishing touch to your look and are super easy to do yourself! 

Sophisticated tight ponytail 
I personally love to wear this style with a smokey eye or a bold lip. Since the hair is out of the way all of the focus is on the makeup and face.

JLO half up - half down
This hairstyle always reminds me of Jennifer Lopez. She used to wear it all the time in videos and during appearances. It's the perfect girly and flirty style for any day or night time occasion. 

Sexy captain style
A bit more extravagant, but still wearable. Khloe chose a blinged out Captain hat for a sexy look. If you haven't planned any boat trips anytime soon, you can also opt for a blingy headband or hair pin. 

Messy lion manes 
Khloe looks wild and exotic with these untamed curly manes. This style is perfect for summer days and nights, the style makes you look like you just came from the beach. To achieve this look take small sections of hair and curl them around a small curling iron. Shake your hair out and spray lightly with hairspray. 

Extra long sombre 
Hair extensions are great to switch up your look and can help you achieve that perfect hair day. The Kardashians have been fans of extensions for years and Khloe opted for super long ones here. Clip in some, slightly lighter than your own hair, extensions, curl the hair in big sections and comb it out with your fingers. Et voila your Khloe Kardashian sombre long hair look is done!

What's your favorite Khloe look?

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