August 12, 2014


Sunday evening the Teen Choice Awards took place in LA, and it was the hotspot of the night for young hollywood. Many popular celebrities like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and the Jenner sisters attended the event. Some in hopes to receive their own award!

I was pretty excited to see all of the red carpet looks, as I like to see girly and trendy outifts celebs pull out of their closets when going to events for younger audiences. It's less about being sexy and more about being pretty, which sometimes feels like a revelation. 

These are my favorite looks of the night!

Kylie Jenner
The first cropped beauty of the night. I prefered Kylie's outfit so much more than big sis's Kendall, who opted for a sleek chique white jumpsuit. Which wasn't that appropriate for the Teen Choice awards in my opinion.

Taylor Swift
Love the shape of the skirt and the green color!

Shay Mitchell
Very girly, but also a bit more seductive than the other cropped outfits. The dark lips and nails make the look a bit too sexy for this event I think. If the white lacy outfit would've been combined with hot pink it would've been spot on. But still one of my favorite looks of the night!

Lea Michele
Wow, has Lea Michele ever looked better? Her body is in great shape and I'm in love with the messy bangs!

Italia Ricci
Love this jumpsuit! The print with the golden accessories match perfectly. 

Katie Stevens
I have to be honest, I had to google this girl to know who she was... But I'm in love with the feather skirt she's wearing! I've been looking for one for months, but can't find an, affordable, one...

Jennifer Lopez
How is it possible that every time I see a picture of Jennifer Lopez she looks younger? Is this a real life case of Benjamin Button? I can't get over how good she looks, green is definitely her color! And I think she must agree as she's been spotted in it a lot this summer.

What was your favorite look of the night? 

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