October 30, 2013


Hi everyone, today I have another product review for you. This time the hair masks of Franck Provost are on the test. I have tried two of the masks, one for damaged and dry hair and one for colored hair. 

For damaged and dry hair. 
The mask strengthens and repairs hair and consists reconstructing ceramide. 

For colored hair. 
The mask protects and adds shine to the hair. It consists anti-oxydant acai extract. 

This is how the masks look like. The texture is something between liquid and thick, they are both white and look and smell very similar.

What I like about the Franck Provost masks
The smell is pleasant and stays in the hair for a couple of days. I like it when I move my hair you notice the very soft perfume in it. 
Straighten and smoothen the hair. When I have teased my hair the night before will I put on the mask after and all knots will be gone. I can comb through my hair easily without causing breakage. 
The masks don't make my hair greasy.
The price. These masks are 5 euros per pot of 400 ml. Definitely budget friendly. 

What I don't like about the Franck Provost masks
Although they provide quick results, I doubt they recover my damaged hair or make my hair color last longer. The texture of the mask doesn't feel quite thick enough to really nurture my hair. I also notice when I use the masks for a long time (a couple of weeks in a row) they loose their effect and my hair is less shiny and soft. 
I can't really notice a difference between the two masks. Which means it doesn't really matter which one you try out. 

Will I buy the Franck Provost masks again? 
I probably will. I don't like them enough to make them my go to brand, but when I'm sick of my current mask I will probably try these ones out again when I pass them at the supermarket. 

Hope you found this review useful!   

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  1. I've just this second asked my mum to buy me a Franck Provost hair mask, so I hope that I have better results that you haha :)

    1. I like the masks, but they're not my number one favorite. I hope you like them more than me! :) x