January 23, 2014


How are you holding up with your New Year's Resolutions? Are you still keeping your promise to get fit in 2014? I've noticed my gym getting more full , it's about twice as crowded now as it was in December! 

I've been hitting the gym five times a week, and have also been working with weights at home. My abs and butt need to get toned like never before this year! Music helps me get through every work out, so I listed some of my current favorite songs that can motivate everyone.  

Yesss I know... a lot of Beyonce going on in my playlist! I just absolutely love every song of her latest visual album. The sexy songs and videos have definitely inspired me to work on my body. 
I mainly listen to R&B and pop music during my workouts, but sometimes some electronic beats like Avicci can make me step it up a notch during cardio sessions. 

Do you work out to these songs or do you listen to a completely different type of music? 

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  1. YES to the new Beyoncé tracks!!!

    x Michelle |

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